Members Entrance

Membership regulations
The worth and quality of a group is equivalent to the worth and quality of each one of its single members. The perception and consideration of the outside world of the worth and quality of a group is established and measured not from the worth, quality and conduct of the single member with the highest standards, but from the worth, quality and conduct of the single member with lesser degree of values.
Knights and Dames of the Order, General Information for Candidates
The following information has been prepared on behalf of all persons requesting to be received as Knights or Dames of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta.
General Information for candidates - Economic commitment
In centuries past, the very concept that a person of quality might have to mingle with the prosaic and less noble tasks of balancing budgets, blurred the minds of the honourable persons, who considered such menial tasks a shameful and degrading activity.
General Information for candidates - Admission Procedures
Acceptance or denial of membership is based on the assessment of the human values and quality of character of the applicant, and without any distinction or discrimination based on religious beliefs, social classes, races, political tendencies, physical disabilities or sexual private personal orientation.
General Information for candidates - Postulation period and Investiture Ceremony
The duration of the Postulation period must be at least thirty days, this is a time of preparation both spiritually and logistically prior to the investiture of knighthood; a time of meditation for deepening and understanding the concept of chivalry.