Easter Message of the Grand Master and Head of the State of KMFAP – 2024

Dear Knights and Dames, Squires and Damsels of St. John,

During this time, Christians celebrate Holy Easter, Muslims still celebrate Ramadan, from 22 to 30 April the Jewish religion celebrates Passover and several old creeds celebrate the Spring Equinox, however, unfortunately this year again no one can celebrate PEACE and we see that some of the Religions do very little – to say the least – to implement the peace, tolerance and understanding they preach...

If the war is bad in itself, its consequences are tragic mainly for the innocent civilian population – women, children and the elderly – who die of thirst, starvation, plagues, lack of medicines and medical care due to the war, die - or are mutilated for life - by bombs and gunfire between the parts in conflict or by being cowardly and forcibly used as human shields for some villain armed men who are nothing but war criminals...

Unfortunately, tragically and regrettably we humans celebrate festivities of religions that preach Peace, but continue making War, continue spreading death, grief, violence, misery, hunger and tears, continue creating children without their parents, parents without their children, women without their men, brides without their grooms, old people without their homes, continue destroying without building and the signs of progress and innovation are found only in new, deadlier and more destructive weapons.

For all these reasons, in my personal name and on behalf of the Government of our Sovereign State, I invite all our Knights and Dames to continue working and fighting for Peace, Understanding and Tolerance, as they promised in the solemn moment of their Knightly investiture, being sure that we will not be able to change the world, but knowing that if we continue fighting for Peace and Tolerance, we will continue making a difference in this world.

His Most Eminent Highness José, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State

Magisterial House in Qormi, Cittá Pinto, Malta, 31st March 2024