The new diplomatic passport of KMFAP

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has the honour to communicate the following:

KMFAP has issued a new diplomatic passport, which contains all the security elements set by international standards. The document has been designed and produced by the State Printing Company of the Republic of Hungary. The new passports are in circulation from 27 April 2007 and are valid for all countries. A specimen of KMFAP new diplomatic passports will be sent to the states worldwide.   At the same time the former KMFAP passports have been revoked and are null and void. The Ministry declares that the main function of such passport is to identify properly the bearer in front of the different authorities. The acceptation of  this passport as travel document is not equal with the recognition of our state.

The main objective of the use of KMFAP diplomatic passports has always been to help our humanitarian work worldwide. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation kindly requests the competent authorities to allow the bearer of KMFAP diplomatic passport to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.